Process- & quality management as an essential key to success

HUF Integrated Management System

Lived process management creates a worldwide growing process know-how
Huf as a global company in the automotive industry was quick to recognize the benefits of an integrated process and quality management system and used ARIS© for the process documentation. The BIC Platform was implemented as a new BPM tool at Huf because it fulfilled the following criteria: user- and modelling friendliness, costs as well as the ability to not be set to one modelling language. Moreover, the quality manager realized that the central key success is not only due to the process management initiatives, but also in the user-friendly communication of process information throughout the entire company. After an extensive tool evaluation Huf decided to change from ARIS© to BIC, because the user acceptance on one hand for the modellers and especially on the other hand for users, which read and live the processes, is clearly shown in the foreground. Additionally GBTEC AG has long-term experience in the construction of a process management system in the automotive industry and can also convince with its consultancy competence.

ARIS-migration completed within a short time
Huf naturally does not wanted to remodel the processes modelled with ARIS©, therefore the first task was to migrate the data from ARIS© to BIC. This is due to an ARIS© import interface which has been perfected more and more over the past few years. Basic questions about methods, conventions and desired layout has previously been voted together. After the data migration all modellers were trained in the modelling tool BIC Design in a half-day delta training. Subsequently fundamentally questions such as the structuring of the process map, displaying of detailed procedures or to-use process hierarchies were re-examined and corrected where necessary.

Worldwide structure of the PM-system
Because of the global presence of Huf, flexibility of the process structure, multilingualism and rapid distribution of process changes were prerequisite for the development of the process management system. A management system was created which is divided into the classical process categories: management, core and support processes. The value chain is characterized by the process areas: product development, process development and production and substantiated – according to the defined process hierarchies – by detailed processes. Existing documents will also be referenced by hyperlinks on detail levels, so that all process-relevant information can be reached via the process platform. Through the mixing of decentralized and central procedures the aim was on one hand the widest possible use and creation of process models and on the other hand to ensuring the quality of documentation.

Full integration of the QM-system
The quality management system plays a crucial role in the automotive industry. Thus, the different Huf companies have obtained more than 40 different certificates over the past years (including ISO/IEC 27001:2005, ISO/TS 16949:2009, ISO 14001:2009 and OHSAS 18001:2007). In order to meet these requirements with a minimum of effort, Huf has integrated the process management system integrated in the quality management system. This allows to display and establish evidences for the implementation of various standard requirements automatically in the system. Additionally database-driven reports can be generated to process interfaces and corresponding process manuals. This exports can make available employees, suppliers, customers and auditors for various participants.

Representation of local and global processes
Huf Group is successfully represented in 14 countries with subsidiaries with production and/ or development. In accordance with this aspect we had to pay attention while structuring and the documentation of the process landscape. Void from the beginning there was the need to establish a process structure, which allows the requirements of the definition of central default processes, but also the flexibility of local processes. Moreover, process variations had to be illustratable with an intuitive modelling method in different ways.

Worldwide, multilingual availability of all content in the process portal
With the process portal of BIC Platform all process information will be made available multilingual to all employees of the Huf Group. The Huf process portal has thus become the central entry point for all process-relevant information for the employees. Intuitive display options, personal home viewing and the possibility to comment by an employee ensure maximum user acceptance. In addition, process changes can quickly and effectively be communicated and rolled out globally via the portal.

Acerca de Huf Hülsbeck & Fürst

Huf Hülsbeck & Fürst desarrolla y produce en todo el mundo sistemas de cierre mecánico y electrónico, sistemas de autorización de conductores, sistemas de acceso pasivo, sistemas de acceso de vehículos, sistemas de manillas de puertas, así como sistemas para portones y puertas traseras. Hoy en día, Huf emplea a unas 7.000 personas en 14 países. Alrededor de 350 ingenieros trabajan en las oficinas de Alemania, EE. UU. y China. Huf es uno de los proveedores más importantes del mundo en el segmento de los sistemas de cerraduras.

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