KOSTAL upgrades its Process Management to a world-wide Quality Management

„In no time, KOPS proved itself as the central process system in our company. With its easy to grasp depiction of processes and the comfortable document allocation, KOPS supports us at every workflow,“ says Ralf Schröder, Project Manager Business Integration at KOSTAL.

Kostal BPM System

All world-wide leading automotive manufacturers and their suppliers are customers of KOSTAL Group, based in Lüdenscheid, Germany. With the business sectors Automotive Electrics and Contact Systems, KOSTAL itself counts as one of the TOP 100 suppliers of the automotive industry. The requirements of quality management in this area are constantly increasing. For example, the success of KOSTAL is directly depending on a certification according to IATF 16949 (International Automotive Task Force), which came into force 2016. To timely adjust to the new demands of this and other standards, KOSTAL decided to integrally expand its Integrated Management System with a BPM software. The system was developed for the auditing of all business areas and supports several thousand employees with the execution of their tasks. For revision proof works at all locations, it was highly important to only communicate quality assured content.

KOSTAL searches all-in-one BPM solution with document management
During the search for a tool, the company held high expectations in a software to implement a wholesome management system. Its main objective was to set up a world-wide information portal. Not only process modelers, but all employees, should feel comfortably at home and quickly find important processes and allocated documents. The tool also needed to offer an extensive role concept and consistently outline responsibilities. KOSTAL recognized in an early project phase, that the implementation of such a tool, changing the daily work of all employees fundamentally, cannot proceed besides the normal business. A central competence center was established to coordinate and realize the new QM system. In close cooperation with all locations and all departments, the center gathered all internal requirements.

BPM Suite BIC eases integration of existing models and guided documents
The resulting definition of specifications was the final counter argument for isolated application, bulky BPM systems and classical Office products. Only an all-in-one software with integrated document management was able to meet the needs of the top management level. KOSTAL decided to procure the Business Process Management Suite BIC, which offered all desired features to model, publish, execute and optimize processes and documents. The „KOSTAL-Process-System“, which bases on BIC, was initially rolled out to employees for the audit preparation in 2016. Since then, it serves as the central QM system of KOSTAL. The first setup was based on manuals, procedural instructions, standards, organizational instructions and form sheets already in use. These documents were migrated from existing tools into the new system. KOSTAL was able to easily include all documents in the system transparently. Supported by the GBTEC consultants, the competence center as a next step has collected, harmonized and integrated all existing processes, KPIs and relevant documents. The tool significantly accelerated this procedure with its convenient automatic upload feature for process models and documents. Process modelers then allocated guided documents directly to the process steps, for which they are relevant.

Revision-proof and efficient Quality Management in the KOSTAL process system
To keep up the high standards of business processes and guided documents in the long term, KOPS consists of an extensive authorization system for the structured release and resubmission of contents. The contents that are deposited in KOPS are released quarterly, with a feature to directly release critical data. Process responsibles and modelers pass through the release cycle with automated workflows and notifications. This way, the tool supports the world-wide provision of quality assured contents which can be revised and optimized when necessary. All global and local responsibilities are defined in KOPS. This helps employees to directly find the right contact person for process guidelines and templates.

Role concept: employees receive guidelines and help per mouse click
Every employee of KOSTAL can find helpful information about his daily work directly in the system – due to the multilingualism of the tool even in his language. With the role concept in KOPS, users select allocated processes and activities depending on their role. When changes occur or new contents are released, automatic and simultaneous notifications are published in the tool and sent by email.

KOPS: The Integrated Management System as assistant for every employee
„In no time, KOPS proved itself as the central process system in our company. With its easy to grasp depiction of processes and the comfortable document allocation, KOPS supports us at every workflow,“ says Ralf Schröder, Project Manager Business Integration at KOSTAL. The easy presentation of all contents also allows the efficient initial training of new employees in complex tasks. With the BPM Suite BIC as basis for KOPS, the company has not least implemented an Integrated Management System that serves as a reliable foundation for certifications at future audits.


The family company was founded 1912 in Lüdenscheid, Germany. The experience in various fields of automotive industry has grown over many decades. At the same time, the company is distinguished by its power to innovate and its competence as development partner and high-volume manufacturer. This way, KOSTAL became an expert in the area of system integration. The company employs more than 18.000 employees at 46 locations in 21 countries.

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