With BIC Platform in the World of BPM at Premium AEROTEC GmbH

In search of a professional Business Process Management System (BPMS), Premium AEROTEC found its way to the BIC Platform.

Aerotec Quality Management

The aim was the acquisition of a tool for assisting the introduction of a company-wide process management system, which in the long-term and in a sustainable manner, would contribute to the improvement of the business processes at Premium AEROTEC. BIC Platform impressed the company’s management by its wide range of functions, latest technology and corresponding price-performance ratio. The processes documented with BIC Design had to replace the previous process documentation and be made available to all employees as binding specifications in an internal portal. The BPM system of GBTEC AG with the respective documented processes contained therein, served as basis for the auditing, which has to be performed as part of the certification procedure in accordance with EN9100 (requirements for organizations in the aerospace and defence sectors). By providing promising basis for the continuous assurance of the company’s technology leadership, the BPM system won Europe’s leading aviation industry supplier as a further customer.

The formula for success: training and consulting
In order to introduce Premium AEROTEC to tool-based process management, GBTEC offered appropriate consulting services and professional training courses, whereby the intensive coaching of staff responsible for the documentation is of great importance. In addition to the handling of the tool, a corresponding instruction in the principles of process management was also included on the agenda. The services offered by GBTEC AG in the form of a Coaching Card within the areas of technology and consulting, aided the implementation of the tool. A targeted implementation of company-specific requirements was ensured by close cooperation with the BIC business administrators at Premium AEROTEC.

BPM: A New Territory
„Who does what, when, how and what with?“ - The question, which is paramount as far as BPM is concerned. To begin with, all the current processes were recorded by the relevant process owners in numerous workshops with representatives of all concerned departments at Premium AEROTEC. The corresponding process models were then generated using BIC Design. In these models, customer requirements as well as the applicable documents, forms and IT systems, were created and the associated KPIs defined. This documentation replaced the existing process descriptions. In order to ensure the flawless certification of the quality management system, a narrow time frame was set. An enormous challenge, which PAG together with GBTEC AG could successfully master within a few months. These process models are available to all employees of Premium AEROTEC via BIC Portal.

Qualification with BIC made easy
The BIC Platform has played an important role both in the quality assurance and release of process descriptions, as well as in the preparation of quality management audits. After the documentation of the internal processes, all concerned employees were informed in a comprehensive training initiative. The management system based on BIC was successfully certified in accordance with EN 9100 (requirements for organizations in the aerospace and defence industries). The responsible auditors, as well as the quality management, confirmed that Premium AEROTEC is on the right track.

Challenge: Three-step Approval Workflow
Due to a changing business environment (customer requirements, normative regulations, etc.) and the continuous improvement of processes, the published process descriptions have to be adapted accordingly. With BIC Governance, an automated workflow has been introduced. It provides an efficient approval process and the version control of the process descriptions is also assured. Complicated approval procedures are simplified in no time with just a click, thus helping to relieve the responsible process managers. Premium AEROTEC implemented a three-step approval workflow with the following release stages:

  1. from modeling to QM: formal examination of the process model
  2. from QM to the department: approval by the responsible process owner
  3. from the department to business process management: approval by the business process manager

GBTEC AG was able to implement even these customer-specific requirements thanks to its experience and know-how.

Future Prospects
After introducing company-wide licenses in Germany, PAG has now equipped its site in Romania with the BIC Platform. To control the process performance, Premium AEROTEC checks the BIC Monitor for the measurement of process-related KPIs.

About Premium AEROTEC

Premium AEROTEC is one of the world‘s leaders in the development and manufacturing of structures and production systems for commercial and military aircraft construction. As Europe‘s leading aviation industry supplier, the company manufactures state-of-the-art aircraft structures made of aluminium, titanium and carbon fibre composites for the entire Airbus family.

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