Digital transformation
in the automotive industry

Create innovative and profitable results in the dynamic automotive industry with professional process and risk management. Prepare for the mobility of the future with holistic concepts and data-based processes.

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Challenges of the automotive industry

The automotive industry is experiencing enormous changes: From the ever-increasing transition to electromobility to Covid-19-related production shutdowns and supply bottlenecks in conjunction with stricter, global regulatory requirements - the challenges facing the industry are extreme. Technological change in particular brings with it new tasks, but also a wide range of opportunities. Topics such as autonomous and connected driving as well as stricter environmental regulations are increasingly coming into focus and require a transformative, resilient platform ecology and new business models. Car manufacturers, suppliers and retailers must seek efficient solutions and optimize the following key areas to be successful in the mobility environment of the future:

  • Electric vehicle production
  • Networking and advanced driver assistance systems
  • Mobility as a service (MaaS)/car sharing models
  • Digital retail options
  • Resilient supply chain management

Solutions for the automotive industry

Agile and digital business processes are increasingly becoming a prerequisite for holding one's own in the fast-moving market environment in the long term and offering an optimal customer experience. With a professional and efficient Business Process Management (BPM) software, companies bring their IT systems and business processes in line and can easily master process and compliance challenges.

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Transparent modeling, analysis, optimization and control of your business processes
Document and analyze bottlenecks and weak points in your supply chains and identify process cost savings in administration and production.

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Process automation and workflow management as an innovative engine for your digital transformation
Identify automation potential and turn repetitive tasks into executable workflows and tasks automated by bots without deep coding knowledge.

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Established governance, risk and compliance (GRC) management for maximum security and complete transparency
Ensure optimal documentation, tracking, and reporting of your compliance and risks at the corporate and operational levels.

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Data-driven analytics for better productivity, efficiency, and decision making
Examine your processes, unmask waste in your processes, and make strategic and operational decisions based on your data more easily.

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With BIC Platform we have successfully implemented an Integrated Management System. Thanks to the comprehensible representation of processes and the convenient document connection, BIC Platform supports us in every step of the work.

Ralf Schröder Project Manager Business Integration, Leopold Kostal GmbH & Co. KG

Quality Management Software

Quality management in the automotive industry

The quality of products and processes has a major impact on brand image and sales - especially in the automotive industry. The complexity of the products, the globally distributed supply chains as well as branched production networks require a quality management that is as uniform as possible, connects the increasing interfaces and ensures quality requirements such as the central standard IATF 16949.
Professional quality management software is essential for automotive manufacturers and suppliers to control sensitive interfaces and implement all processes according to existing standards. Optimized quality management through process-oriented software also prevents redundant processes, reduces errors and costs, and improves customer satisfaction. With the BIC Platform you establish an optimal process and quality management for all important standards in the automotive industry:

  • IATF 16949 for general product quality
  • ISO/SAE 21434 für Cyber Security
  • Automotive SPICE for Quality in systems
  • ISO 26262 for the functional safety of systems
  • ISO 21448 for safety of intended functionality for autonomous vehicles

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