Digital transformation
in the logistics industry

Ensure flexible processes and autonomous logistics with digital transformation. With professional process and risk management, you can effectively overcome challenges such as supply chain difficulties and create higher customer and employee satisfaction.

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Challenges in the logistics industry

The aftermath of the Corona pandemic, political conflicts and rising transportation costs are currently posing major challenges to the logistics industry. The imbalance of supply and demand for a wide range of products is having a disruptive effect on supply chains and logistics worldwide. The often still limited transparency of supply chains due to insufficient digitalization and further delays such as container congestion add to the pressure on logistics companies. However, as the backbone of industry, functioning supply chains are incredibly important. Flexibility and fast reactions are therefore becoming increasingly essential. In order to be prepared for all eventualities, it is now a matter of using digitalization, automation and networking to overcome the greatest challenges, such as

  • High transport and fuel prices
  • Driver shortage
  • Government restrictions
  • Production and delivery delays
  • Increasing demands for sustainable logistics

and create agile logistics systems. This is the only way that logistics companies can react faster and in a more targeted manner to delivery problems or other crisis situations and continue to hold their own in the market.

Solutions for logistics companies

To meet the current and future challenges of digitalization, process transformation and compliance, the logistics industry must act. With professional business process management (BPM), logistics companies lay the foundation for automating supply chain processes in a management system, enforce end-2-end cost transparency, and simplify compliance with regulatory requirements.

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Transparent modeling, analysis, optimization and control of your core business processes
Model and analyze your processes and identify bottlenecks as well as potential savings in your supply chain processes including transport and delivery.

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Process automation and workflow management as innovative drivers for your digital transformation
Identify hidden automation potential for your transportation and compliance processes and easily transform repetitive activities into tasks automated by bots.

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Established governance, risk and compliance (GRC) management for full transparency and legal compliance
Document, track, and report tax and environmental compliance and easily meet national as well as international standards and regulatory requirements.

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Data-based analysis and process optimization for higher efficiency, productivity, and process excellence
Uncover inadequate resource allocations in your supply chain processes and identify undiscovered potential for automating end-2-end transportation services.

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Who does what, why, when and with what? BIC Platform enables us to find the right answers, prepare them user-specifically, map them and make them available to the recipients as needed at any time.

Hendrik Zeller Head of Integrated Management System (IMS), Duvenbeck

Increasing demand for sustainable logistics processes

Sustainability and climate protection are playing an increasingly important role in the logistics industry. Companies are under growing pressure to reduce emissions and comply with environmental regulations. And governments, municipalities and citizens themselves are also increasingly expecting more sustainable mobility solutions. The sooner logistics companies make an effort to do this, the faster they can create a positive image in this area. Efficient software solutions help achieve sustainability goals while reducing costs and implementing legal requirements. A professional BPM tool enables companies to achieve holistic process management with a focus on sustainability and offers numerous advantages:

  • Target-oriented modeling, analysis and optimization of processes
  • Absolute process transparency
  • Problem-free compliance with quality standards
  • Audit-compliant management, testing and release
  • Increase in customer satisfaction

With the BIC Platform's process management tool, BIC Process Design, you create an ideal prerequisite for the long-term success of your company and design your logistics processes simply, efficiently and sustainably.

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