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Challenges in all industries

A large number of companies from a wide range of industries are currently facing major challenges: First the pandemic, then the war in Europe and the energy crisis. Companies that were already weakened by previous crises can hardly keep up in the market. Rising prices for energy and raw materials as well as ongoing inflation are weakening the financial situation of many companies. In addition, since the pandemic, some industries are still facing interrupted trade chains and supply bottlenecks. The shortage of skilled workers and the challenge of not losing customers, suppliers and business partners even in times of crisis put additional strain on businesses. Companies that are still lagging behind in terms of digitization are finding it particularly difficult to master the current challenges. However, the use of digital technologies is essential in order to be prepared for further possible crises in the future. Digitalization and automation are essential keys to responding flexibly to changing requirements and overcoming the greatest difficulties that will accompany companies for some time to come:

  • High energy and raw material prices
  • Production and delivery delays and transport bottlenecks
  • Outdated structures and complex IT landscapes
  • Shortage of skilled workers
  • High interest rates and persistent inflation
  • Increasing demand for sustainability and climate neutrality

Cross-industry solutions

To structure and solve today's transformation and process challenges, companies in all industries need to find new solutions. An efficient Business Process Management (BPM) system helps to create the basis for lightweight automation and digitalization of business processes, generate budget and cost transparency and ensure regulatory requirements.

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Transparent modeling, analysis, optimization and control of your business processes
Model and analyze all of your processes, identify weak points as well as corresponding potential for improvement, and organize your documents in one central location.

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Process automation and workflow management as innovative drivers for your digital transformation
Identify automation potential, turn repetitive operations into tasks automated by bots, and thus save a lot of time every day on repetitive processing activities.

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Established governance, risk and compliance (GRC) management for maximum security and complete transparency
Easily document, track, and report compliance with various regulatory requirements, ensure IT security for your company, and gain visibility into all of your GRC operations.

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Data-based analysis and process optimization for higher efficiency, productivity, and process excellence
Uncover insufficient resource allocation in your production lines, simulate possible improvement suggestions and and optimize your processes using real-time data.

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Who does what, why, when and with what? BIC Platform enables us to find the right answers, prepare them user-specifically, map them and make them available to the recipients as needed at any time.

Hendrik Zeller Head of Integrated Management System (IMS), Duvenbeck

Successful digitalization thanks to process management

Many companies still use outdated software solutions or depict their processes in simple graphics programs such as Microsoft PowerPoint. Time-consuming, manual processing steps, cumbersome forwarding of documents and non-transparent processes are usually the result and make everyday work and project progress more difficult. With effective process management, companies can intelligently control their processes, noticeably increase the efficiency and quality of their operations, and thus intensify the digital transformation. Professional BPM software not only helps build a digital process landscape that covers the entire organization, but also offers numerous other advantages:

  • Target-oriented modeling, analysis and optimization of processes
  • Absolute process transparency
  • Problem-free compliance with quality standards
  • Audit-compliant management, testing and release
  • Increase in customer satisfaction

With the BIC Platform's process management tool, BIC Process Design, you create an ideal prerequisite for the long-term success of your company and design your business processes in a simple, efficient and powerful way.

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