Empowering Change: Adani's Adoption of BIC Process Design for Enhanced Business Responsiveness

For us at Adani Group, the implementation of BIC Process Design represents not a revolution, but rather an evolution towards achieving business excellence!

Sanjay Khanvilkar Head of Business Excellence, Adani Group


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Adani, a global company with diverse business interests, faced a challenge with their static BPM. Their inflexible processes caused stagnation, hindering innovation, and slowing responsiveness to market dynamics. The lack of support for BPM within the company further added to the challenge.


The solution was to implement BIC Process Design, which brought dynamic BPM and unlocked a realm of possibilities for Adani. Adani transformed its BPM into a dynamic, flexible, and adaptive system with the help of BIC Process Design. The processes became responsive to changes in the business environment, allowing Adani to swiftly adapt to market trends, seize opportunities, and mitigate risks effectively. Instilling a sense of understanding among employees was a critical aspect of the BIC implementation. Each process had a clear owner, which fostered accountability and a deeper understanding of their role in the overall business workflow. This led to a heightened sense of responsibility. The most profound impact of Adani's journey with BIC Process Design was the transformation in mindset. Employees embraced the change, viewing BPM not as a constraint but as a powerful enabler of growth.

Key Highlights

  • Complete mind change and business transformation with BIC Process Design
  • Increase in process efficiency through transparent process ownership and process KPIs
  • Support from GBTEC and GBTEC's partner Q3Edge in training, technical support, and implementation

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