Modernizing Process Management Drives Productivity and Operational Excellence

With BIC Process Design, we are creating the ideal environment for hyper-efficient and transparent work, fostering excellent collaboration and steering the company towards business success.

Helena Servé Team Lead B2B Prozessmanagement, idealo internet GmbH




Berlin, Germany




After more than 20 years of successful business operations, idealo recognized a growing need for transparency, consistency and increased efficiency within the organization.  Various departments expressed the need for a powerful tool to establish a data-driven system for operational process management. The challenges were manifold:

  • A wide range of teams that operated in silos.
  • A lack of visibility of upstream and downstream processes led to knowledge gaps and an improvable understanding of process relationships.
  • An inadequate diagramming tool resulted in high process documentation costs and provided no scalability for process management.


GBTEC and BIC Process Design were the obvious choice due to the impressive tool performance, outstanding user-friendliness, and first-class support. From the very beginning of the project, idealo’s process management team collaborated closely with process owners and process participants, introducing not only a comprehensive system for designing, managing, and optimizing processes but also embedding a process-oriented mindset within the departments. The results are impressive:

  • Harmonizing processes and an increased focus on corporate strategy created a cohesive working environment.
  • Internal training and a phased rollout provided all employees with unrestricted access to the process management system.
  • Close collaboration with the process owners led to continuous process optimization and a remarkable increase in efficiency.

Key Highlights

  • Overcoming silo thinking and gaining a better understanding of one's own responsibilities in the corporate context
  • Establishment of an internal "BIC Community" to foster a process-oriented mindset
  • Implementing improved workflows to ensure greater efficiency and increased employee motivation

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