Mastering the Complexity of Risks: Rolls-Royce Power Systems
Relies on BIC Internal Control

Rolls Royce Power Systems

BIC Internal Control helps Rolls-Royce classify risks and seamlessly connect global and local control levels for efficient management.

Effective Controls and Flexibility: Comprehensive Risk Optimization with BIC Internal Control

„Since we were already using BIC Process Design to transparently and comprehensively map all our processes and project workflows, we were now looking for a solution to identify, classify, and control the associated risks. The GBTEC Internal Control System tool has everything we need, all automated. It was crucial for us to have a standardized control system on the one hand, but also to be able to flexibly adapt it to our business needs on the other hand. BIC Internal Control was the perfect solution for us.”

Andrés Caminos
Internal Controls Manager
Rolls-Royce Power Systems

Rolls-Royce Power Systems AG
Headquarters: Friedrichshafen, Germany
Employees: 8,500
Industry: Manufacturing

BIC Platform modules in use:
BIC Process Design
BIC Internal Control

Project Highlights

With the rollout of BIC Internal Control, Rolls-Royce now has an audit-proof Internal Control System that lays the foundation for further GRC developments in the future.

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Clear allocation of responsibilities to control owners

Definition and implementation of both local and global controls

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Facilitation of independent testing and reporting

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Simplification of risk management in a complex corporate structure

The Challenge

Mastering Complexity with Efficiency

As a global company with around 10,000 employees, Rolls-Royce was looking for an efficient ICS (Internal Control System) that fits seamlessly into its diverse organizational structure. The main challenges were:

  • Complexity of Organizational Structure: Rolls-Royce Power Systems is made up of a headquarters, six production plants, and fifteen sales subsidiaries. Coordinating internally on risk management posed challenges to teams operating in different locations.
  • Local vs. Global Controls: The company operates with both global and local levels of controls and instances, making it challenging to align responsibilities between these levels.
  • Adaptability and Flexibility: The absence of a central ICS platform made risk management rigid and inflexible. Hence, a system was needed that could easily adjust to new risks and business requirements.

The Solution

BIC Internal Control Makes It Possible

With BIC Internal Control, companies get an agile ICS solution that meets them where they are. Through the integration of BIC GRC, Rolls-Royce Power Systems now experiences these daily advantages:

  • Clear Definition of Processes and Responsibilities: With tailored workflows, processes within the control system can be precisely defined. Clear assignment of roles and responsibilities creates transparent structures for everyone involved – from administrators and ICS managers to local control owners and auditors.
  • Linking Local and Global Controls: BIC Internal Control allows the individual addition and linking of Work Items. This makes it easy for globally classified controls from headquarters to align with locally defined approaches in subsidiary companies.
  • Standard Solution with Customization: BIC GRC Standard Solutions are flexible, allowing to smoothly transfer existing company data and structures onto the GRC platform and customize as needed. BIC Internal Control serves as a central hub (Single Source of Truth), enabling Rolls-Royce to continually elevate its maturity.

The Benefit

Risk Minimization and Building Trust through BIC Internal Control

With BIC Internal Control, Rolls-Royce has streamlined its established ICS, significantly enhancing operational efficiency while comprehensively safeguarding corporate assets. The ICS tool manages over 90 global controls and over 1000 local control instances that are overseen by around 80 control owners. The user-friendly platform has gained broad acceptance, contributing positively to the seamless integration and improvement of risk management across the company. Day-to-day tasks have become smoother and the performance of the ICS has taken a noticeable leap:

  • Automation of Testing Processes: Execution and documentation of 300 tests each year
  • Effective Control Hierarchy: Standardized approach and sensible linkage of global and local control requirements
  • Central Documentation Hub: Audit-proof documentation of all relevant process steps
  • Customizable Workflows: Intuitive tool usage through individually designable workflows
  • Robust Reporting Tool: Powerful reporting tool offering clear results for regular, ad-hoc, and decentralized reporting

As part of ongoing integration efforts, the company is looking to expand into the areas of cyber and information security. The GBTEC Group is excited to continue supporting Rolls-Royce on this journey, helping to adapt GRC processes to the demands of today's business and ensuring a secure future.

About Rolls-Royce Power Systems

Rolls-Royce Power Systems is a global leader in drive and power solutions, boasting over 100 years of experience in this field.

By embracing electrification and digitalization, Rolls-Royce develops intelligent solutions for a cleaner and more sustainable future, all in line with its commitment to social responsibility. Their product lineup spans across various industries, including gas, agriculture, maritime, and military land vehicles.

With its headquarters in Friedrichshafen, Rolls-Royce has been part of the prestigious Rolls-Royce Group since 2014. This worldwide company employs nearly 10,000 people.

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