From Spreadsheets to Streamlined GRC: Universal Investment Relies on BIC GRC

BIC GRC is an excellent alternative to using Excel and Outlook. Whenever we come across spreadsheets, we always explore the possibility of switching to BIC GRC, and in most instances, it is a feasible option.

Ewa Cebula Group Digitalization Officer


Financial Services


Frankfurt am Main




In the past, Universal Investment employed spreadsheets for recording and managing operational and compliance risks - a method that proved ineffective and time-consuming. The quest was for a flexible GRC solution featuring a low-code/no-code environment, allowing complete in-house customization to align seamlessly with the company's specific needs. The requirements included:

  • Finding a tool that covers various GRC areas (e.g., OpRisk, Compliance, BCM, ERM, Complaint Management)
  • Being able to implement individual workflows and perform root cause analyses
  • Achieving full self-reliance by reducing dependence on external resources and implementation services


With BIC GRC, Universal Investment possesses a highly adaptable and user-friendly solution, fully equipped to meet the company's ambitious requirements. Leveraging an agile self-service approach, complemented by ongoing support from GBTEC implementation experts, the company has successfully established efficient workflows in areas such as Enterprise Risk, Complaint Management, or Corporate Governance Policy Management. Key benefits include:

  • Autonomous creation of effective GRC workflows
  • Comprehensive replacement of Excel and Outlook applications
  • Significant cost reduction through in-house modeling
  • Streamlined cooperation due to decreased coordination needs
  • Enhanced user satisfaction via the development of expertise

Key Highlights

  • Successful implementation of an agile self-service approach to GRC management
  • Reduced costs and augmented availability of time resources within the company
  • Enhanced end-user satisfaction via a streamlined complaint management process

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