Business Process Management Consulting

The GBTEC consultants gain experience in customer projects every day. They have extensive knowledge about methodologies and experience in setting up business process management systems, stand-alone or as integrated management systems. Take advantage of our enormous know-how and benefit from elaborated and established procedure models and best practices.

Beratung Prozessmanagement

"Human" focus: consulting for your business process organization

The business process organization is the central organ for the establishment, maintenance, expansion and governance of processes within your company. A business process organization may be set up in a centralized, decentralized or hybrid structure. It acts as an intermediary for those business areas using process management and combines a wide range of specialist disciplines as part of your approach. With our practical experience, we help you establish a suitable organizational structure for your process organization. In close collaboration with you, we focus on the important, profit-effective factors in the context of your organization - according to the size of your company and its internationality.

Extract from our services:

  • Establishment of a BPM organization and implementation of BPM roles
  • BPM marketing & communication
  • Establishment and implementation of a BPM competence center / central area
  • Introduction and establishment of BPM service management

"Incremental" focus: consulting for your processes and process structures

Process models represent your corporate reality meaningfully, i.e. based on your specific objectives and your stakeholders. True to the motto that only "usable" content of your process models justify your effort, we help you with the professional establishment and further development of your process management - strategically or operationally, short-term or long-term. As one of the few consulting companies on the market we have the experience from thousands of modeled processes and workshops held for all industries, nationally and internationally, for large corporations, medium-sized companies and public institutions.

Extract from our services:

  • Professional creation of processes in live modeling sessions incl. moderation
  • Development, analysis and optimization of professional modeling methods
  • Design and visualization of a possible user-system interaction
  • Process measurement, process optimization & variant management
Business Process Management Consulting
integrated management system

"Functional" focus: consulting for functional topics of your integrated management system

Business process management systems not only offer process transparency, but also fulfill one or, reasonably, several functional purposes. We assist you with the efficient and effective implementation of your process management system. Thereto, we integrate all essential, functional aspects of your integrated management system in the best possible way, i.e. taking into account technology, methodology and stakehoders. The process acts as "glue" in between specialist disciplines which are better together than apart - with our experience and broad integration know-how, we prepare you for the digital future.

Extract from our services:

  • Utilization of your integrated management system as a quality management system (QMS), for example to receive ISO 9001 certification
  • Utilization of your integrated management system as an internal control system (ICS) within the scope of e.g. governance, risk and compliance (GRC)
  • Utilization of your integrated management system for business-IT alignment
  • Utilization of your integrated management system for the process-oriented introduction of SAP S/4HANA or other ERP systems

Fast results thanks to our professional live modeling workshops

Often, processes are initially discussed in workshops and then modeled. Such process mapping can proceed in very different ways. Usually, the focus is on creativity methods, i.e. compiling specific knowledge in a deft way. The disadvantage of almost all of these methods is the lack of preoccupation with the final result of the workshop: a process model. Whatever has been developed in the workshops, commonly captured as physical notes on pin boards, must then be transformed into a graphic process diagram using a professional modeling tool like BIC.

Our experience: although process owners were satisfied with the results at the end of a workshop, often, they can no longer identify themselves with the transformed result, i.e. the process diagram. That is where our unique approach for standard process mapping, optimized in countless workshops, comes to bear. Our experienced consultants moderate the workshop and, at the same time, capture the process in the modeling tool - visible to all participants on the projector and fully compliant with the modeling method. What you see is what you get: process owners are part of the actual development of the processes which they have to explain and be responsible for later - of course, they are carefully introduced to process conventions, without overwhelming anyone.

Benefit from the advantages of the GBTEC process management consulting

Process management strategy and operational implementation, business administration and IT, methods and software. All of this conveyed in a pragmatic and targeted way or implemented in collaboration with you - that defines our consultants.

Professional and
technical excellence

Professional process management know-how and software insights from a single source - directly from the developing company.

and to the point

Consulting with an exclusive focus on digitalization and process management. We are one of the few real process management consultancies.


We have both the knowledge and the experience to support large, international digitalization and process management projects.

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