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Digital Process Management for Your Company

The call for business process management is especially loud, when a chaos of uncoordinated processes endangers the success of a business. Smart companies switch to a professional BPM system in time to establish themselves as pioneers of the digital transformation and to automate their business processes. BIC Platform is the business process management software that enables process improvement, easily and efficiently.

Why Business Process Management?

Successful process improvement seems impossible in your organization?

As a process manager you know what you do. Your know-how of processes in your company is vital in many ways. You support teams and the management with uncovering and optimizing processes and find opportunities to automate them. You consult the top-level management regarding the coherent documentation and transparent depiction of organizational processes and process-based KPIs. You analyze existing processes and find potentials to raise efficiency or to digitize your organization and reach business goals. Simply put: With process management you enable the digital transformation in your company.

But is the sheer endlessness of open questions and uncoordinated processes making your target of an efficient process management and automation of workflows nearly unreachable?

The lack of time and pressure of cost often prevent companies from following a holistic approach towards optimization and automation of their process management. Specialized departments are used to silo mentality, blocking the coordination of end-to-end processes and automation of workflows. Processes which are hardly - if at all - digitized, suffer from a lack of transparency and a high error-proneness during their execution. A wild mix of already digitized information and printed out or handwritten documents results in chaotic filing without a method. Looking at such problems, the digitization of process management can quickly look like a mammoth task.

We are reaching our objective with a business process management system

Do not be discouraged: With the right business process management software, the future of process improvement in your organization is promising. The digital depiction of processes allows the automation and constant monitoring of tasks. This reduces the processing times and error rates of manual tasks, saving precious time and money. Digital connectors in the process map also enable the cross-departmental view at processes. Automate processes, leave your competitors behind and quickly make digitization a profitable success story in your organization.

The most critical factor for success of a BPM platform is the acceptance by all users - from top-level management down to the workforce. Therefore, the software must be intuitive and give every user the needed information quickly and comprehensibly. At the same time, good process management software stands out with technical excellence. It can be implemented and administered with little effort. Technical administrators should be able to fulfill their tasks even without programming knowledge. Updates are directly delivered and can be easily installed. You do not want to put more work in the administration of your business process management system than into the improvement of your process landscape.

Business Process Management Solution needed
Business Process Management

Re-engineer processes with the business process management software BIC

With BIC as enabler for digital process management, you realize your digitization strategy methodically: fast, transparently and targeted. It can be used out-of-the-box, allowing you to model, analyze, automate and optimize first processes directly after the implementation. A drag and drop feature as well as a layout assistant for modeling automation make designing processes easier than ever. BIC features all usual methods, so you can build a holistic end-to-end process landscape - thanks to the ingenious collaboration feature in direct cooperation with your colleagues. Process models run through a multi-stage release cycle, thus only safe and tested contents are disclosed to the whole organization. With extensive reports and analyses, you and the top-level management can assess and optimize the quality of process models.

Digital process management can be so easy: All employees of the organization get access to published process models in the browser, from anyplace in the world. Day-to-day, they execute them as process-based workflows, thanks to the multilingualism even in their own mother tongue. As process manager, you communicate changes directly in the web-based process portal to allow sustainable change management. With extensive performance analyses and easy-to-use controlling features, you monitor the key performance indicators of process management and, if deviances occur, directly initiate purposeful measures to optimize processes. All this is making BIC a quick success factor, letting you automate the continuous improvement. In doing so, you make the digital transformation a success story for your company in the long term.

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