Digitalization Consulting for a successful Digital Transformation

Digitalization is more than mere automation. It is not just about supporting existing processes with digital technologies. Rather, the aim is to change processes by using new technologies to create a perceptibly better experience for all those involved. Therefore, digitalization is closely tied to processes. Without knowledge, analysis, adjustment and management of the relevant workflows in your organization, digitalization is simply not possible.

The path to digitalization requires a holistic approach

Our team of experts assists you in introducing digitalization as an integral part of successful corporate management and accompanies you on the path to digital transformation. The end-to-end approach of our consulting allows us to take a holistic view of your organization in order to implement your digital agenda efficiently, quickly and sustainably. We accompany your organization from the design to the successful operational implementation of the digital strategy, all with highest functional and methodological competence.

digitalization strategy

Heading towards digitalization by combining automation and strategy

As part of our digitalization consulting, we jointly identify the essential end-to-end processes in your company, both from the perspective of your business partners and from the viewpoint of your colleagues, i.e. your "internal customers".  

Digitalization is only perceptible in your organization if you start in the right places. That is where we help you, e.g. by creating a customer journey map. It uses customer touch points to identify, classify and prioritize all relevant points of contact with your business partners. That being the basis, we will jointly set up your digitalization strategy along exactly these touch points. Only at these touch points you can achieve real change in the business experience.

Digitalization internally must lead to a different work experience for your colleagues. For this purpose, we identify essential cost drivers and "pain points" for your staff along the value-adding end-to-end processes in your organization. At that, we focus in particular on legacy systems, high manual workload and highly repetitive processes.

Extract from our services:

  • Analysis and development of a digitalization strategy for your organization
  • Analysis of your business model and creation of a customer journey map
  • Analysis and identification of digitalization potential based on your process landscape

Use automation solutions inducing real change for stakeholders on your way towards digitalization

Your digital strategy is in place. On the basis of identified digitalization potential, we will now delve into the procedural details with you. We document relevant processes in your company so that on the one hand they can be used directly for automation and on the other hand they enable the later management of your digital operations. To this end, we usually employ the modeling standard BPMN 2.0.

First, we describe your digitalization offering on a conceptual level. Where required, we expand the functional BPMN modeling of your business processes by a technical modeling of your solution. The later step is only necessary if it is needed for the user-system interaction or a workflow engine used for automation.

The result of our digitalization consulting is a process-oriented functional and IT-based concept. This acts as the basis for an integrated software-based implementation of digitization in your company.

Extract from our services:

  • Development of a technical digitalization specification based on e.g. BPMN 2.0
  • Transfer of the functional specification into an IT specification, e.g. if necessary for direct automation
  • Design and visualization of a possible user-system interaction
digitalization conception
Consulting Digitalization

Avoid getting astray with cutting-edge technologies and state-of-the-art interfaces

Digitalization has to be fun. Therefore, you should use the latest technologies and user interfaces for the implementation of digital change. Business partners and colleagues will only accept your new solution if its usability is as intuitive and good as on a private smartphone or tablet. Thus, we generally advise our customers to implement web-based technologies with recourse to known frameworks for the user interface. Hence, your users can rather concentrate on the content than thinking about the handling of your solution - thanks to responsive design perfectly tailored to every display size and mouse or touch operation.

Benefit from direct access to our in-house digitalization products and our experience in the integration with existing software, either directly via existing interfaces or via e.g. Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Whether you are using ERP systems such as SAP S/4HANA, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, ProAlpha or legacy systems, our experienced IT consultants are at your side and assist you in the backend tasks of a digitalization project - of course, always keeping your IT security in mind.

Extract from our services:

  • Development of digitalized processes using the latest web technologies and applying standard software wherever possible
  • Integration and linkage of existing IT, e.g. by using RPA
  • Project support of the software rollout including change management and marketing of digital change

The journey is its own reward. Your digitalization offerings must constantly change with the company

Today's business world is subject to constant change due to internationalization and significant market changes. The organization and its digitized processes must continuously adapt to these changes. Ideally, your digital strategy should even anticipate and help shape change - proactively and innovatively.

The first step is to identify, analyze and evaluate new digitalization trends. Is e.g. artificial intelligence already on your agenda and if not, at what level of maturity will it be of interest to you? Do you already have ideas where your processes could benefit from AI? We are happy to be your partner at this - to assist you in understanding new trends but also to introduce methods to analyze these trends regularly and to track their influence on your digitalization over time.

You can only manage a permanent digital transformation if you constantly keep developing your processes and are willing to radically change them when new technological possibilities arise. Always be aware: as the person responsible for the digitalization in your company, promoting change is one of your most important tasks.

Extract from our services:

  • Fit-gap analysis of digitalization trends in relation to your company and business model
  • Establishment of a sustainable, process-oriented IT system for the management of your digital future and the associated change
  • Increase in the degree of digitalization either company-wide or division-wide
consulting for digital transformation

From strategy to operational implementation

We see ourselves as a consultancy that accompanies you along the entire path of digitalization, always according to your wishes. We do not leave your company on its own when it comes to digitally implementing the digitalization offerings we have developed. No matter what we suggest, we will implement it together. With our digitalization consulting, the benefits of digitalization are in reasonable relation to the efforts, i.e. the cost of our services. That is what we stand for.

Benefit from the advantages of the GBTEC digitalization consulting

We offer the highest level of expertise and many years of experience to support your digital business model. Digitalization strategy and operational implementation, business administration and IT, methods and software. All of this conveyed in a pragmatic and targeted way or implemented in collaboration with you - that defines our digitalization consulting.

Digitalization based on your processes

Digitalization requires the consideration of your processes. As a process management consultancy, we are the perfect partner for process-oriented digitalization in your organization.

Suitable software for your digitalization

No digitalization without modern process automation software. As a software provider, we can assist you in automating your processes with numerous in-house offers.

Digitalization consulting for every size

Digitalization in quoted companies, medium-sized businesses and authorities is different? Correct. Our consultants know the suitable procedure for all company sizes and types.

We are already promoting digital change for these customers

You commission us however it suits you best

The right support at the right time - always focusing the knowledge transfer to you. This is how we understand consulting and how we arrange our services with you. Purposeful and pragmatic, open and honest.

Thus, we have developed various forms of cooperation:

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Individual projects:
Individual projects perfectly tailored to you with clearly defined project goals.

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Standardized packages of services:
Predefined service packages with proven, standardized service components.

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Turnkey individual packages:
Individual service packages tailored to your needs and requirements.

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Ticket-based services:
Professional services on demand with clearly defined reaction and processing times.

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Coaching Cards:
Selective consulting support as required and on call without a lenghty ordering process.

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