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GBTEC Software AG again named "Major Contender" in the Everest Group PEAK Matrix® 2023 Update for Process Orchestration

GBTEC Software AG, leading SaaS expert for intelligent Business Process Management (iBPM), Digital Process Automation (DPA) and Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC), has once again been honoured with an outstanding award. The Everest Group, a renowned research and consulting company, ranked GBTEC as a "Major Contender" in the field of Process Orchestration in the latest PEAK Matrix® 2023 Update. The PEAK Matrix® evaluates companies according to their market influence, vision and capabilities.

    In the latest Everest Group Process Orchestration Products PEAK Matrix Assessment 2023 - Update, GBTEC is named a "Major Contender".

    GBTEC's CEO Gregor Greinke is delighted to receive the award for "Major Contender" and best European vendor.

    Armardeep Modi, Vice President Everest Group, is convinced of the powerful functionality of GBTEC's BIC Platform.

This is the third time GBTEC has been named as a representative vendor in the Everest Report for Process Orchestration. For the second time in a row, the company received the "Major Contender" award. At a time when organizations are increasingly relying on Process Orchestration to drive efficiencies, transformative change and increased agility, GBTEC has further strengthened its position as a global leader in Hyperautomation, Process Orchestration and Operational Excellence. Being recognized as a "Major Contender" once again is impressive proof of GBTEC's constant development and ongoing commitment to innovation and excellence.

"I am delighted to have achieved the best result of all European providers with GBTEC. This outstanding achievement fills me with pride, confirms GBTEC's excellent position in the global BPM landscape and encourages us to continue to fulfil the demanding expectations of our customers with our first-class products in 2024. In the upcoming years, we will strive to inspire an even larger user base with our software and be on par with the leading U.S. providers," says Gregor Greinke, CEO at GBTEC. 

GBTEC's solutions inspire Everest Group analysts
Based on a thorough analysis of capabilities and valuable customer feedback, the PEAK Matrix® Report highlights the key strengths of GBTEC's BIC Platform as an intelligent all-in-one Suite: 

  • BIC Platform supports users in all phases of their transformation to operational excellence and offers a unique range of BPM functionalities.
  • Capabilities range from process mapping, analysis, collaboration and automation to process mining as well as governance, risk and compliance. Companies can therefore easily carry out their entire process optimization within a single platform.
  • BIC Process Execution, the state-of-the-art low-code/no-code automation solution, as part of the BIC Platform, enables the creation of customized applications without programming effort. Intuitive drag-and-drop functions and an interactive user interface enable business users to create and share custom, application-specific solutions.
  • A powerful REST API allows IT systems, data and bots to be integrated effortlessly, ensuring smooth interaction between humans, IT systems, data and bots. BIC Process Execution thus enables seamless and optimized end-to-end process automation.

The Everest Group analyzed 24 Process Orchestration tool vendors and ranked them in the categories "Leader", "Major Contender" and "Aspirant" in the PEAK Matrix®. The PEAK Matrix® supports decision makers in selecting the technology vendors best suited to their needs. 

The report presents an overview of selected Process Orchestration products and various applications, outlines the competitive landscape in the market for Process Orchestration technologies, identifies key trends and highlights the strengths and limitations of each vendor. Everest Group is a leading global research firm headquartered in Dallas, Texas, USA, providing strategic research in the fields of IT, business processes and technical services.

Amardeep Modi, Vice President at Everst Group, summed up the capabilities of GBTEC's BIC Platform: "The depth and breadth of the BIC Platform, integration with complementary capabilities such as RPA, IDP and Process Mining as well as a customer base that spans multiple geographies and industries, are some of the key factors that have contributed to GBTEC being ranked as one of the leading candidates in Everest Group's PEAK Matrix® for Process Orchestration for the second consecutive year. Customers emphasized the simple development of workflows, the integration of Process Design and Execution and the low-code/no-code capabilities as particular strengths."

GBTEC provides the Everest Group PEAK Matrix® Process Orchestration Report for free download on its website to all interested parties. The report offers a comprehensive overview of all core capabilities of GBTEC's BIC Platform in the field of Process Orchestration:

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