Whitepaper: GBTEC presents BPM trends for 2023

GBTEC's new whitepaper looks at five BPM trends that will have an impact on process management in 2023 and help shape the development of successful BPM initiatives.


    Cover Whitepaper BPM Trends 2023 by GBTEC.

    Adaptive Process Management

    Adaptive Process Management is one of the five BPM trends GBTEC presents in its new whitepaper.

GBTEC takes a look at five developments in business process management that the Bochum-based BPM and GRC specialist believes will change the future of process management in the long term and open up new opportunities for companies. In the whitepaper "BPM Trends 2023 - The Future of BPM", GBTEC explains the following trends that will play a central role in process management:

  1. No-Code/Low-Code-Technologies
  2. Adaptive Process Management
  3. Automated Process Discovery
  4. The process CEO
  5. Green BPM

The year 2022 brought with it a host of challenges that demanded a lot from companies. Only those who were able to adapt quickly to the changing requirements could hold their own in the new normal. Once again, the key to success was efficient process flows. With professional process management, companies use new challenges and BPM developments as an opportunity to drive their digital transformation forward and be prepared for the future. So those who take new trends into account early on and are open to the use of new technologies will reward themselves with an enormous competitive advantage.

One of the trends GBTEC presents in the whitepaper is adaptive process management. Traditional BPM offers little flexibility in the design of business processes, which is often due to the separation of personnel and time between process design and process execution. Adaptive process management addresses this problem and takes into account the multitude of special cases and process variants that can occur during process execution.

In addition to detailed explanations of each trend, the whitepaper offers an overview of the various benefits and provides insight into possible application scenarios. The whitepaper is available free of charge on the GBTEC website:

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