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The Energy Industry Is Facing Many Challenges

The energy industry is in a phase of transformation, presenting energy companies with unique challenges. Supply structures are currently undergoing significant global changes and becoming increasingly complex – a trend further intensified by novel and disruptive technologies. This leads to unprecedented data and security risks, as well as the necessity to dynamically adapt to new regulatory requirements (e.g., decarbonization or digitization). Geopolitical uncertainties, the possibility of unforeseen blackouts, and rising price sensitivity can pose additional dangers and obstacles. Navigating these challenges requires a proactive and agile approach to ensure resilience in an ever-changing energy landscape.

Risk management challenges

Governance, Risk, and Compliance Management as the Key to Success

Energy providers are encouraged to professionally accompany and manage the transformation process outlined above. A successful GRC strategy contributes to proactively dealing with risks in volatile energy markets and establishing efficient governance processes that not only address risks but also recognize and capitalize on opportunities.

At GBTEC, we provide comprehensive solutions to create opportunities for innovative changes, promote global growth, and successfully overcome all GRC challenges in the energy sector. With our BIC GRC software, energy providers get both the long-standing expertise of our highly qualified GRC implementation experts, and a proven and powerful GRC software perfectly tailored to the use cases in the energy industry.

The GRC Solution in Detail

With BIC GRC, you ensure complete transparency and compliance with various regulations in your company, enabling efficient use of resources:

  • Reliable compliance with sector-specific security measures for the energy sector (AT-3SV) in accordance with § 17 (2) NISG
  • Efficient generation of customized reports at the push of a button for NIS authorities, ISMS auditors, and e-Control
  • Secure compliance with national and international ISMS standards such as ISO 27019 and ISO 27001
  • Easy creation of management reports for better visualization of risks and measures as a basis for decision-making on additional resources
  • Streamlined implementation and smooth communication across departments by utilizing a unified GRC platform with live dashboards
  • Effortless implementation of industry-specific standards such as BDEW (German Association of Energy and Water Industries) and OE (Austria's Energy)

How We Can Be of Help

Our experts are here to help guide and assist you in the implementation to achieve the following goals:

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Use as an Accelerator

Achieve NIS 2 compliance quickly and effectively by leveraging our solution and expertise

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Full Audit Security

Maintain complete transparency over the security situation in your company at all times

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Exoneration of Management

Deploy your resources wisely and thereby support management

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Automated Processes

Increase your efficiency and reduce the number of FTEs needed to ensure compliance

Your Point of Contact

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Paul Krumböck
Partner & Key Account Manager GRC
Tel.: +43-1-3670876-145

  • Certification: CDC (Certified Digital Consultant)
  • Focus areas: Governance, Risk & Compliance, Enterprise Risk Management, Information Security Management, Internal Control System
  • Years of expertise in the field of digitalization and automation of business processes
  • Implementation of numerous successful projects with clients and partners to ensure business success through a profitable interaction of various performance components

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