The Holistic Solution for Your GRC Goals

Our comprehensive GRC solution covers all aspects of your business, laying the foundation for a secure and sustainable future. With BIC GRC, you have complete control over all GRC areas, from risk management and internal control to security, compliance, and audit.

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BIC GRC at a Glance

As a single point of truth platform, BIC GRC offers a complete GRC solution for individual setup and expansion. 

With BIC GRC, you 

  • identify, evaluate, and control risks and opportunities quickly and in a goal-oriented manner
  • manage and control mitigation measures transparently and audit-proof
  • protect sensitive data and information without complicated Excel applications
  • create reliable reports as a basis for audits, financial statements, and strategic decisions
  • ensure picture-perfect compliance with all internal and external specifications

Choose either our easily scalable and ready-to-use standard solutions (BIC Enterprise Risk, BIC Internal Control, BIC Information Security, BIC Data Protection, BIC Business Continuity, BIC Internal Audit) or fully customize your software with BIC Custom GRC.

BIC GRC Domains

Integrated GRC Is More than the Sum of Its Parts

At GBTEC, we understand that the different parts of governance, risk management, and compliance are interconnected. Rather than looking at them in isolation, BIC GRC offers you a holistic approach in which the various elements are connected and perfectly aligned. This way, you achieve a synergy effect that strengthens your business processes and puts your company on the road to success.

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Identify, assess, and manage risks related to your business processes and operations. Thanks to BIC GRC's integrated approach, you always have a clear overview of your entire risk landscape.

BIC GRC enables the efficient management of company guidelines and external legal requirements. This ensures that you are compliant in all areas and thus strengthens the integrity of your company.

Profit from a robust and efficient control system. With BIC GRC, you can plan, implement, and monitor various controls (e.g., management, process, IT, financial, tax), ensuring maximum compliance.

With BIC GRC, you can easily plan, conduct, and track various audits. This creates transparency at all business levels, promoting accountability, reliability, and trust in your organization.

Secure your company reliably against internal and external threats. BIC GRC offers extensive solutions for information and IT security as well as data protection, so you can fully focus on your business processes.

Increase quality, innovation, and sustainability in your company. With BIC GRC, you have a tool for strategic management in your hand, with which you can realize your vision in all aspects.

Your Benefits with BIC GRC

Clear GRC Processes for Everyone Involved

  • Manage all tasks, risks, measures, and responsibilities conveniently on a central entry page 
  • Automate your tasks and processes and enable rapid processing of mass data
  • Integrate GRC at all company levels, making your work pivotal to the organization's success.
  • Create meaningful reports at the push of a button and support Management in making important strategic decisions

High Revision Security and Compliance with Common Standards

  • Benefit from audit-proof archiving and use the saved data for dashboards, reports, and audits
  • Increase error resistance and prevent data loss through workflow-guided processes
  • Ensure compliance with all internal and external requirements and standards (e.g., IDW PS 340)
  • Use the automated notification and reminder system to make work for everyone involved as seamless and efficient as possible

Flexibly Scalable in All Directions

  • Scale your GRC easily in all directions, regardless of the number of users or use cases
  • Adapt the software flexibly to your individual wishes and business requirements
  • Connect all GRC information in a single risk- and value-oriented management system
  • Manage all classic GRC domains such as risk, control, audit, security, or compliance conveniently on a central platform

Your Safety Comes First

Enterprise data security cannot be prioritized enough. As a provider of GRC software solutions, we're dedicated to providing you with the highest security standards to ensure a smooth and secure experience.

That is why GBTEC works closely with a team of external experts who regularly conduct thorough penetration tests on our BIC GRC software. This helps us find and fix any potential weaknesses, ensuring not only the security of BIC GRC but also the safety of your critical business data at all times.

Additional protection mechanisms include two-factor authentication for all system access, and encryption of all transmission paths. With these measures in place, you can go about your business activities with confidence, knowing that your security is in safe hands.

Information security management software

Take Your GRC to the Next Level!

Facilitate your work with automated processes

  • Complete automation of recurring processes
  • Efficient transfer of information to Management
  • Effort reduction by up to 50%

Benefit from comprehensive transparency

  • Transparent mapping of audits & annual reviews
  • Immediate availability of all relevant information
  • Optimum basis for budget-oriented measures

Increase the maturity of your GRC processes

  • Complete integration of risk management
  • Unlimited expandability of BIC GRC
  • Continuous increase in your GRC maturity level

We are confident to extend our GRC platform with additional domains in the future with BIC in the direction of an integrated GRC.

Martin Gratz Global Risk Manager Business Sector Mobile Security, Giesecke & Devrient

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