Digital transformation
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Master the digital transformation in education with effective process and risk management. Optimize your processes, become an active part of the digital transformation and create extensive opportunities for the future of teaching and learning with new technologies.

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Challenges in education and universities

The situation in the education and university sector now in the post-Covid phase is characterized by numerous challenges. While other industries are being revolutionized at a rapid pace by new technologies and digital transformation, state-focused educational institutions still seem to be teaching with resources from the past, even though the pandemic has certainly accelerated the digital transformation in education. There is a need to resolve the imbalance between the quality, efficiency, pace of learning, and expectations of a learning experience in the offline and online worlds. In addition, the demand for lifelong learning is increasing in order to keep pace with political, social, and especially technological changes. In addition, educational institutions and universities need to leverage digital transformation to address the following challenges:

  • Expansion and maintenance of the technical infrastructure
  • Providing quality-assured media offerings
  • Access to digital offerings regardless of socioeconomic and learning conditions
  • Analysis and promotion of the competences of educators

Solutions for educational institutes and universities

To structure and solve the transformation and process challenges in education, educational institutions and universities need to find solutions for modern learning. An efficient Business Process Management (BPM) system helps to lay the foundation for lightweight automation and digitalization of administrative and learning processes, generate budget and cost transparency, and ensure regulatory requirements.

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Transparent modeling, analysis, optimization and control of your teaching and administrative processes
Model and analyze your processes, identify areas for improvement in your administrative and teaching processes, and organize your documents in one central location.

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Process automation and workflow management as innovative drivers for your digital transformation
Identify automation potential, turn repetitive tasks into tasks automated by bots, save a lot of time processing activities and significantly reduce the workload of your teaching staff.

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Established governance, risk and compliance (GRC) management for full transparency and legal compliance
Document, track, and report on compliance, privacy policies, and IT security, and get a holistic view of your GRC operations across your institute or university.

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Data-based analysis and process optimization for higher efficiency, productivity and process excellence
Uncover inadequate resource allocation in your operations, simulate possible improvement suggestions, and optimize your teaching and administrative processes using real-time data.

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With BIC Platform, we use an intuitive software in which we can teach any aspect of BPM. This way we combine studying with real management of processes and organizational quality.

Prof. Jörg Puchan Professor of Applied Computer Science and Dean of Studies, University of Applied Sciences Munich

The benefits of digitalization for educational processes

The digital transformation offers educational institutions and universities enormous potential for further developing their teaching and learning offerings and structures. Digital tools enable time- and location-independent access to a wide range of educational resources for a broad user group. In central learning management systems, for example, teachers can manage learning materials, assignments and grade reports in a uniform manner and thus organize their work and action processes more efficiently. In addition, digital tools enable learning opportunities to be designed adaptively and to react automatically to particular problems of learners with differentiated learning offers or individualized feedback. Thanks to the digital transformation, learning, teaching and training are optimized across the entire educational path and continuously raised to a new level with digitalized processes.
With the BIC Platform, you have a professional process management tool at your side with which you can master the digital transformation process in education and benefit from various advantages:

  • Facilitate access to educational resources for your user groups
  • Improving the organization of educational processes
  • Increasing the quality of teaching and learning processes
  • Easier management of learner data
  • Relief of the teaching staff

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