Digital transformation in the energy and
utilities industry

Master the challenges in the energy industry with professional process and risk management. Design sustainable processes, automate your core energy processes and develop profitable business models.

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Challenges in the energy and utilities industry

The aftermath of the pandemic, global energy and climate crises, and ever-changing regulatory requirements are forcing energy companies to continuously adapt their processes to meet a constant stream of new industry challenges. To ensure a reliable, secure and resilient energy supply, there is an urgent need to promote green energy. The growing need for more efficient and renewable energy generation methods is driven by increased environmental awareness and the scarcity of fossil resources. The energy procurement of the future is green, digital and interconnected across sectors. Companies should already be aligning their energy procurement with this. The digitalization and automation of numerous energy industry processes offers great potential for making sense of the following greatest challenges, creating profitable business models from them, and staying in the market:

  • Increasing price sensitivity
  • Lack of standardization
  • Compliance with decarbonization targets
  • Increasing demands for sustainability
  • Increasing complexity of the energy system

Solutions for the energy and utility sector

In order to master the upcoming process transformations with decarbonization, digitalization and compliance, new strategies are needed. With efficient business process management (BPM), energy companies create the basis for transparent production and supply chain processes, simplify compliance with regulatory and IT security requirements in a management system, and thus go through the energy transition stronger.

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Transparent modeling, analysis, optimization and control of your core business processes
Model and analyze your processes and identify bottlenecks as well as potential savings in your energy procurement, production and transport processes.

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Process automation and workflow management as innovative drivers for your digital transformation
Identify automation potential for the operational and compliance processesin your company and transform repetitive activities into tasks automated by software bots.

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Established governance, risk and compliance (GRC) management for full transparency and legal compliance
Document, track and report environmental compliance and easily meet national as well as international standards and legal regulations such as ISO standards.

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Data-based analysis and process optimization for higher efficiency, productivity, and process excellence
Uncover hidden process breaks in the energy supply, simulate possible improvement suggestions and optimize your processes using real-time data.

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We were able to start working with BIC right away because it completely replicated our entire process with our language and rules. I felt comfortable right away.

Sven Waldecker Risk management and ICS specialist, EnBW

Effective and green process management

In addition to the digital transformation, the topic of sustainability in particular is increasingly coming into focus. Demand for electromobility is rising, and customers are also increasingly asking for energy-saving and climate-friendly technologies. Sustainability and economic efficiency are by no means mutually exclusive: For example, greater sustainability increases companies' innovative strength and helps them tap into new markets. Green process management, also known as Green BPM, paves the way for processes that are economical as well as resource-conserving and sustainable. It follows the same phases of the BPM lifecycle as classic process management, except that the processes in each phase are considered and optimized from a sustainability perspective. A professional BPM tool enables companies to achieve holistic green process management and offers numerous advantages:

  • Target-oriented modeling, analysis and optimization of processes
  • Absolute process transparency
  • Problem-free compliance with quality standards
  • Audit-compliant management, testing and release
  • Increase in customer satisfaction

With the BIC Platform's process management tool, BIC Process Design, you create an ideal prerequisite for the long-term success of your company and design your processes simply, efficiently and sustainably.

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