AES sets new standards by combining process and document management

With BIC Process Design, the leading provider of safety-critical hardware and software can quickly and easily access process information and efficiently manage documents to improve quality management and increase business productivity.

Improved quality management

With BIC Platform, AES can intelligently link its documents to processes and also access the specific documents via a quick access. This allows the company to enrich processes with valuable detailed information and develop structured and sustainable knowledge: "Thanks to GBTEC's support, we were able to implement BIC Platform very quickly. The solution is perfect to support our quality management system. It gives us a reliable basis for the continuous improvement of our product and service quality."

Marie-Theres Zaunbauer
Quality manager
AES Aerospace Embedded Solutions GmbH

AES Aerospace Embedded Solutions GmbH
Headquarters: Munich, Germany
Employees: 100+
Industry: Technology & Software

BIC Platform module in use:
BIC Process Design

Project highlights

With the help of BIC Process Design, AES can reduce the complexity of business processes, eliminate time-consuming searches, and thus increase quality management and productivity throughout the company.

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Modeling and verification of
more than 160 business processes

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Management of information about processes,
documents, etc. in a central source

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Continuous improvement of
product and service quality

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Significantly reduced time
for updates and searches

The challenge

Provide the highest quality standards and manage documents efficiently

The AES product portfolio covers the entire V-development lifecycle of safety-critical hardware and software: from system design and implementation, through integration and qualification, to industrialization in compliance with all certification requirements. In addition, the company provides support for customized, high-performance embedded solutions in the aerospace and defense markets. In order to guarantee customers excellent products and services as well as the best quality, all stakeholders involved needed to be able to access their process information quickly, easily and in a target group-oriented manner. The company also wanted a solution that was easier to use and model, and less expensive than the ARIS® Platform that AES was using.  Furthermore, the company was looking for a solution to efficiently manage all documents, whether they had a direct impact on business operations (e.g., orders, invoices, presentation templates), business process management, quality management, or information technology (e.g., user manuals).

The solution

Intuitive modeling and easy document management

To increase user adoption and reduce costs for licenses and maintenance, AES decided to switch from ARIS® to the BIC Platform. All business processes are now documented and presented in one place, so there is a single, central source. Instead of fragmented processes, the process design is now fully harmonized and integrated. More than 160 AES business processes have been modeled and automatically checked for convention accuracy through built-in capabilities. The platform brings together all stakeholders involved in business process innovation, implementation and operation. GBTEC enables AES to apply a state-of-the-art BPM framework, including a unified tool-based repository, to actively manage the enterprise standards portfolio. The company gains consistent views of the current BPM landscape, allowing it to plan for future changes and see associated analytics. BIC Platform also manages information about processes, documents, applications, interfaces, platforms, and especially their interdependencies.

Illustration aes BPM

The benefit

Continuous increase in product and service quality

All employees can view the process information in the AES process portal via a standard web browser. They can navigate from a rough overview with interactive drill-down to very limited, detailed views. Switching between such views (e.g., process map, table diagrams, document overview) is possible with just one click. Thanks to the easy-to-use comment function, users can also make suggestions for improvements. The portal's innovative, role-based concept for process publication thus provides the right information at the right time with just the click of a button and ensures increased product and service quality. Thanks to the intuitive and personalized web interface, no training is required. As a result, AES can easily handle changes to organizational charts, systems, process manuals, and product definitions, significantly reducing the time required to update documents or procedures when changes occur. In addition, new procedures are developed more quickly. Employees benefit in many ways: via e-learning, they use process maps to educate themselves on new products or process changes. In addition, departments are able to evaluate more alternatives for building their own business processes, which can be measured in terms of cost, time and risk.

About AES Aerospace Embedded Solutions GmbH

AES Aerospace Embedded Solutions GmbH is a 50/50 joint venture between MTU Aero Engines and Sagem (Safran). AES is a leader in the field of safety-critical hardware and software and aims to deliver tomorrow's leading innovations and solutions, as well as setting the highest quality and technical standards. The young and dynamic company can benefit from the valuable support, experience and network of the two parent companies, but can also rely on their highly experienced staff.

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