Nordex, international benchmark in wind turbine construction, coordinates and streamlines its processes with BIC Platform


With the BIC Platform, that is used by its more than 8,500 employees globally, Nordex has achieved a change in its corporate culture, becoming fully oriented towards business process management.

A "single point of reference" to coordinate more than 8,500 employees around the world

"We are now a truly process-oriented company. All the processes in which we are involved, from the beginning of a project to its complete finalization, are captured in BIC. Everything is totally transparent and can be viewed by all employees - more than 8,500 colleagues. Our audit is global, following the "multi-site" concept, so it is crucial that we are all aligned, regardless of whether the department is in Spain or Germany. Thanks to BIC, everything is interconnected."

Paulo Nabais
QHSE Technician

Headquarters: Hamburg, Germany
Employees: 8,500
Industry: Energy & Utilities

BIC Platform modules in use:
BIC Process Design

Project highlights

Thanks to a comprehensive training and adaptation process to BIC Platform, in which GBTEC provided extensive support, Nordex has managed to implement a new way of working oriented to the management of business processes, achieving:

Quality Icon

Continuous compliance with the different standards and regulations in force in each of the countries and languages in which it operates

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Real-time communication with teams in more than 25 subsidiaries around the world, with the ability to work online and offline

business process management icon

End-to-end standardisation and transparency of all their processes with individual access configured on a role-based system

inhouse training

Support from GBTEC in employee training, technical support and supervision of modelling processes


The challenge

Implementing a culture of business process management in more than 25 international subsidiaries

Although Nordex had worked with a business process management software in the past, the company did not have a process-oriented organizational culture. This weakness became evident at the time of the company's international expansion in 2016 following the acquisition of Acciona Windpower. Establishing a process-oriented organization became a priority for the multinational group. Due to this context of growth and the characteristics of a sector as demanding as wind turbine manufacturing, they needed a tool that would allow them to standardise their processes at a global level, putting an end to the existing disparities between the different international headquarters. The special characteristics of the company also required flexible software that could be used both online and offline, enabling the remote environments in which Nordex operates to easily deploy the tool. In addition, the platform should be usable in multiple languages. At the time, the lack of internal transparency about the company's processes prevented smooth communication between the various departments and subsidiaries and made it difficult to recruit new employees, conduct audits as well as to deal with risk management, change management, regulatory compliance and quality management.

The solution

One software to create an integrated overview of the entire organization of Nordex

GBTEC's BIC Platform was the solution chosen by Nordex to meet the challenge of standardizing and making processes more transparent in its more than 25 international subsidiaries. After testing the software in Germany, the company began to expand its use to the rest of its locations. Now, the tool is deployed by all employees of the multinational, regardless of their department or location. What convinced Nordex the most, in addition to the quality of the software, was the complete support service that GBTEC provides. This includes twice-weekly meetings, staff training, technical support and supervision in process modelling. Thanks to the fact that BIC is a multilingual software, Nordex employees can work fluently in their own language wherever they are, even having the option to continue their work in places where there is no internet connection. Given the large size of Nordex, BIC has also facilitated audits by enabling strict control of the various regulations and quality standards that apply at all sites. The group now works in a fully coordinated way, with all its processes standardized and modeled end-to-end, organized by a role system in which it is possible to control which departments or employees have access to different sources of information.

The benefit

BIC Platform as a starting point to improve Nordex quality, communication and efficiency

BIC is already the reference platform that Nordex's more than 8,500 employees use on a daily basis. After a short initial training, GBTEC continues to provide effective support to Nordex in the preparation of new recruits, as well as in introducing staff to the new software functionalities. Thanks to this process, Nordex has been able to improve communication between its various subsidiaries, maintain strict quality control and also achieve the following goals:

  • Streamlined audits, all group information at a click of a button
  • Easier onboarding of new employees thanks to clear and complete modeling of all processes
  • Increased efficiency by providing full data accessibility for the entire team
  • Strict compliance with different quality standards and regulations in various countries and languages, with the software itself alerting in case of deviation from the correct process

"There's a great comfort in coming into a company and knowing exactly how all the processes you'll be involved in work, so you can quickly join the system."

Dimitar Savov

Dimitar Savov
Project Manager

BIC Platform | Nordex

About Nordex Group

The Group has installed more than 39 GW of wind power capacity in over 40 markets and generated sales of around EUR 5.4 billion in 2021. The Company currently has more than 8,600 employees. The Group's manufacturing network includes factories in Germany, Spain, Brazil, the USA, India and Mexico. Its product portfolio is mainly focused on onshore turbines in the 4 to 6.X MW class which are designed to meet the market requirements of countries with limited available space and regions with limited grid capacity.

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