Audit management: trustworthy advice, not internal policing

Internal audits provide independent, objective inspections and consultations in order to help organizations generate added value and improve their business processes. Audit management helps companies attain their goals by offering a systematic approach to evaluating and improving the effectiveness of risk management, controls and management processes.

Perform audits efficiently

Audit management is conducted by experts with specialized training in this area and a vast understanding of the corporate culture, systems and processes. It assesses if the existing external controls are adequate, the management processes are effective and efficient, and the goals and guidelines of the organization can be achieved. The requirements for conducting such an audit are outlined in ISO 19011 or guidelines for auditing management systems, including ISO 9001 for quality management systems and ISO 14001 for environmental management systems.

How does audit management add value?

The scope of internal auditing within an organization is very broad and may involve topics such as enterprise management, risk management and management controls of an institution. Established audit processes help companies achieve the objectives that drive success.

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Auditing effectively
Ensure that the methods and guidelines are followed correctly and efficiently across all legal entities, business units and processes.

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Minimizing time and work
Reduce the time and work involved with external audits that are typically based on the results of internal audits.

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Conducting audits
Serve as the leading authority for additional, ad hoc audits in response to business issues that have suddenly emerged.

What is important to keep in mind with an audit management system?

Companies will need to address several relevant challenges at an early stage of the audit software implementation to ensure that an audit is positioned as a trustworthy business consultation to improve internal and external processes, procedures and guidelines – and not as internal policing. They will need to fulfill the growing expectations from executives, the supervisory board and/or the audit committee with regard to the scope of the audit in spite of budget cuts and reduced personnel resources for audit management. The scope will also need to be extended to include new areas, such as cybersecurity audits, which require highly specialized knowledge from the audit team. Organizations and executives must also adjust their skill sets to new technologies and areas of expertise (e.g., AI, cybersecurity and RPA).

What are the advantages of an audit management software solution?

Our audit management software BIS allows your organization to build a future-proof, efficient management system.

  • Create audit reports targeted to various stakeholders.
  • Visualize extracts of current audit data at any time.
  • Ensure a future-proof investment through an extensible platform.
  • Get support on the path to building GRC maturity.
Audit management

Which BIC solution is right for me?

Whether you prefer a custom design or pre-built solution, GBTEC offers the right audit software for your needs. Convince yourself and build an efficient management system that will accompany you safely into the future.

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