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In the era of digital transformation, Business Process Management (BPM) plays a vital role. Seamless process management relies on top-notch software. But what if your current solution no longer fits the bill, given new priorities or changed circumstances? It's time to explore better alternatives.

Why GBTEC stands out as the best BPM alternative

As a dedicated Business Process Manager, you strive for high-performance business processes that drive cost reductions, mitigate risks, boost efficiency, and enhance customer satisfaction. At GBTEC, we are here to empower you with cutting-edge, adaptable, and user-friendly software that effortlessly meets the most complex requirements and surpasses other BPM tools like SAP Signavio® or ARIS®.

Do these problems sound familiar?

  • Escalating Costs: Experience significant price hikes that strain your budget
  • Rigidity in Usage and Licensing: Limited flexibility, including the absence of on-premises options
  • Software Complexity and Confusing UI: Encounter challenges navigating through a complex software system 
  • Suboptimal User Experience: Users face difficulties and inefficiencies while interacting with the software, impacting productivity and satisfaction
  • Outdated Technologies: The use of outdated technologies negatively impacts the software's aesthetics and overall user experience
  • Lack of Customer-Centric Product Development: Notice a lack of focus on customer needs, such as an overemphasis on developing functions exclusively within the SAP® environment

The answer to your problems:

  • Unbeatable Price-Performance Ratio: Enjoy an exceptional balance of affordability and top-notch performance
  • Flexible Deployment and Licensing: Tailor the software deployment and licensing options precisely to your needs
  • Modern Design: Experience a lean and contemporary design that incorporates a comprehensive range of functionalities
  • Superior User Acceptance and Usability: GBTEC prioritizes user satisfaction, resulting in the highest level of user acceptance and optimal usability
  • Cutting-Edge Technologies: We stay ahead of the curve by utilizing the latest technologies in line with state-of-the-art applications
  • Rapid and Customer-Oriented Software Development: Benefit from our fast and continuous software development approach focussing on our customers' requirements

Trusted by thousands of users & analysts

Superior features and outstanding usability at unbeatable prices! Take your operational performance to a whole new level with our leading solutions for intelligent business process management. With the BIC Platform, you rely on a high-performance software that is perfectly tailored to your company's needs in terms of technology, functionality and look & feel.

BPM Software

Hundreds of BPM users have already made the switch:
Automated data migration makes the changeover effortless and simple

Our powerful BPM suite has convinced you, but you are worried about migrating your existing processes? Then we have good news! The transfer of existing processes from tools like SAP Signavio or ARIS is easy, fast and uncomplicated with the specially built "BIC Converter". Any diagram types and notations such as BPMN 2.0, event-driven process chains (EPC), organizational charts, value chains (VCD), customer journey maps and much more can be imported into BIC Platform automatically and without manual effort. And the best is yet to come: If you are looking to change your notation from EPC to BPMN, BIC Platform automatically transforms your process models to the international standard BPMN 2.0.

With our Process Factory, you can revise legacy data and have modeling or convention errors fixed. Our clean and fast migration procedure checks, updates and transfers your process data in the shortest possible time - without downtime and duplication of work! Benefit from the most user-friendly BPM system on the market and unleash the power that lies within your processes!

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Success Story:
Knorr-Bremse replaces ARIS® with the BIC Platform

Since switching to the BIC Platform, Knorr-Bremse enjoys a sensational user experience and powerful BPM features.

For more than 20 years, Knorr-Bremse has been committed to excellent processes in the context of Business Process Management - no wonder that the company's demands on its BPM tool are correspondingly high. In order to reduce the complexity of process modeling and to create a modern BPM platform for process communication and collaboration, the global market leader for braking systems replaced its previous BPM software ARIS® with GBTEC's BIC Platform - with great success! The modern design and ease of use sparked a noticeably higher user acceptance. During the migration, several thousand process models of different notations in up to 12 languages were seamlessly transferred via the BIC Converter. Since then, Knorr-Bremse has benefited from accelerated process modeling, an innovative process portal for all its employees, and the automation of previously manual activities.

Feature overview: GBTEC's BIC Platform is convincing in every respect

With the multitude of BPM providers and corresponding tools, it is easy to lose track. To ensure that the decision is made in favor of the right BPM system, an intensive comparison of the providers is advisable. But what exactly makes BIC Platform the best alternative on the BPM market? We have compiled an overview of the most important features for you!

 BIC Platform
Ease of use
Web-based use
Customer support
Mobile usage
Process mapping
Standard modeling notations
Process archive and change history
Process portal
Collaboration opportunities
Task- and document management
Risk management
Process automation based on no code
 BIC Platform
RPA Integration
Automated Process Discovery
Real-time measurement of processes
Predictive monitoring
Administration & Configuration
Reporting and manuals
Price flexibility
Ease of use
Dashboards & Heatmaps
Trainings and Services
Flexible expansion of the product range


Full-stack BPM suite for holistic business process transformation

Our smart and intuitive BPM modules enable a fully effective transformation and optimization of business processes. From mapping to automation to process mining, you streamline your operational processes from start to finish in one software solution.

BIC Process Design

Modeling and analysis

Simple process modeling, comprehensive process analysis and publication in seconds. With BIC Process Design you model your processes with ease and actively involve all employees via the collaboration function.

BIC Process Execution

Execution and automation

BIC Process Execution automates processes at high speed based on powerful no-code and low-code. Implement executable workflows without any programming via intuitive drag-and-drop modeling.

BIC Process Mining

Measuring and monitoring

BIC Process Mining Software

With BIC Process Mining, you visualize your real business processes using actual process data. Discover how your processes operate and monitor workflows in real time by using one of the leading process mining tools.

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