Seamless Integration of BPM and EAM

BIC for LeanIX

The integration of Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) and Business Process Management (BPM) is gaining importance thanks to the progressing digitalization. Not only IT and process management departments but also the top level management profit from the common evaluation of both disciplines without a change of system.

Higher data quality and improved decision making by combining BPM and EAM

Nowadays, nearly every business process is in connection with at least one IT system and vice versa. The close connection of process and IT views thus allows extensive analyses and the data-driven planning and optimization of processes and the IT landscape.
With BIC for LeanIX, the technical integration of the BPM tool BIC and the EAM tool LeanIX, GBTEC enables the reciprocal transfer of corporate processes and IT architecture.

Companies that use BIC Process Design as their central repository for process information and depict their IT landscape in LeanIX are ensured of non-overlapping, bi-directional exchange of process and IT data with BIC for LeanIX. This means: more transparency and a higher data quality. The depiction of common core data - free of redundancies - eases not only the cooperation of teams but also improves data-based analyses and decisions within the complex IT environment.

Overview of features of the BIC for LeanIX interface

With the integration solution BIC for LeanIX you easily unite your EAM in LeanIX with your BPM in BIC Process Design:

  • Combining business processes with IT system architecture
  • Essential improvement of performance of process and IT system management
  • Transparent depiction of used IT systems in various business processes such as core, management, or support processes
  • Synchronization of process structures and applications between BIC Process Design and LeanIX via REST API
  • Free configuration and synchronization of relevant LeanIX objects
  • Subject-based working basis for the organization to implement target processes according to requirements
  • No redundant data maintenance and prevention of manual errors thanks to automatic synchronzation of BIC Process Design and LeanIX
BIC for LeanIX

How does the data exchange work?

BIC for LeanIX automatically creates catalog entries for IT objects from LeanIX in BIC Process Design. These objects are available to users within process modeling to describe or further enrich business processes. The interface also recognizes process flows with relevant attributes for the process fact sheets and transfers them to LeanIX.

Data transfer from LeanIX to BIC Process Design

Object information in LeanIX is transferred via interface to BIC Process Design. Existing objects are automatically updated during synchronization. If the object information is not yet available in BIC Process Design, a new object is created initially. Newly imported data is available as catalog entries and can be used immediately in process modeling. If an object is deleted in LeanIX, it is marked as "invalid" in BIC Process Design. In existing process flows, this object remains in place for the time being in order not to compromise the business consistency of the process. Objects marked as "invalid" can be easily identified and replaced in the central object catalog in BIC Process Design. A graphical highlighting of invalid objects in the process diagram also makes them directly visible to modelers.

Data transfer from BIC Process Design to LeanIX

BIC for LeanIX automatically identifies all processes with relevant attributes for the Process Fact Sheets from LeanIX and automatically transfers them to LeanIX via the interface. In addition, previously imported LeanIX objects used in process models and linked to process data are also related to each other in LeanIX.

Via the interface, existing fact sheets are updated or new ones are created and enriched with process data from BIC Process Design. BIC Process Design is the leading system and overwrites manually changed process flows in LeanIX. To ensure that only quality-assured and approved content is transferred, BIC for LeanIX transfers only the processes published in BIC Process Design. If processes have been closed in BIC Process Design, they are marked as "invalid" in LeanIX.

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