Nordex Group at the forefront of business process management thanks to GBTEC software visible to all employees

GBTEC concludes the first phase of the implementation of its software BIC Platform in all of Nordex's international offices, obtaining a majority acceptance by its staff and surprising results in terms of transparency, quality and regulatory compliance.


    With the BIC Platform, Nordex, as an international pioneer in the construction of wind turbines, coordinates and streamlines its processes.

    Paulo Nabais

    Paulo Nabais, QHSE technician at Nordex, is satisfied with Nordex's evolution towards a process-oriented company thanks to GBTEC's support.

  • Nordex relies on GBTEC software to standardize processes in its more than 25 international subsidiaries
  • BIC Platform supports Nordex process-oriented culture
  • The comprehensive support provided by the GBTEC team was key point of the project

GBTEC, a leading German company in business processes management, has completed the implementation of its BIC Platform software in all the offices and departments of Nordex Group, a multinational wind turbine manufacturer, with revenues of around 4,000 million euros. The group, which is one of the world's largest wind power plants manufacturers, has several of its own production plants for nacelles, rotor blades, and concrete towers in Spain, and is also involved in the construction and maintenance of wind farms.

With its name associated with the German TecDAX, Nordex is headquartered in Hamburg and has more than 25 subsidiaries around the world, employing 8,500 people. The multinational has opted globally for GBTEC's BIC Platform software to position itself at the forefront of its sector by modeling, streamlining and integrating its processes worldwide. Thus, standardizing the group's activities and meeting the highest quality standards while complying with the strict deadlines set in each of the locations and time zones in which it operates.

The mission of implementing GBTEC's BIC Platform software was proposed by Nordex in 2016, at a time of full international expansion after the acquisition of Acciona Windpower. Although the multinational already had experience in the field of business processes, the role of GBTEC has been key in supporting the coordination of the various international headquarters of the group. A project that has just been successfully completed with the German and Spanish offices as the main drivers of change.

The initial training of employees and the support provided by GBTEC during all project phases have been two essential elements for the complete integration of the BIC Platform into the multinational's operations. "We are now a truly process-oriented company", says Paulo Nabais, QHSE Technician at Nordex, who highlights the change in corporate culture that the GBTEC solution has brought about.

BIC Platform, GBTEC's all-in-one platform for modeling, automation, analysis and process optimization, is now fully integrated in the wind turbine manufacturing giant for the management of all business processes, from sales to HR. "BIC captures all the processes in which we are involved, from the beginning of a project to its full completion. Everything is displayed transparently, and visible to all employees. This way they have a global view of how their work affects the whole process and not just their department," Nabais stresses. In addition, the software is crucial for risk management, change management as well as regulatory and quality compliance.

Full employee integration in business process management

GBTEC supported Nordex in its process of extensive integration of its workforce in the management of business processes. The system can be accessed at the click of a button everywhere in the world increasing the internal communication and organization of the different teams. The group works in a fully coordinated way, with all its processes standardized and modeled from start to finish. Role-based systems make it possible to control which departments or employees have access to the various information sources.

Increasing the transparency of internal as well as external processes was one of the most important milestones of the project, as was the accessibility of data to all employees, regardless of their position within the company and their geographical location. This has led to a surprising acceleration of business activity, especially with regard to new additions to the group. "It is a privilege to start in a company and know exactly how all the processes work, so that you can quickly join the existing structures," says Dimitar Savov, who is in charge of the project on GBTEC's side.

Flexible software, tailored to Nordex's needs

The special characteristics of the operations carried out by Nordex required a flexible software, always ready to be used in each one of its locations. GBTEC's solution, thanks to its multilingual system, allows the multinational to ensure strict compliance with the various regulations and quality standards in the different countries. Responding to the company's needs, the software is also available online and offline, to adapt to the remote environments in which Nordex operates.

Compliance with the different quality standards has also been reinforced thanks to GBTEC, since it is the software itself that alerts if a deadline is about to expire or if an activity is being carried out incorrectly or in disagreement with a certain requirement in force in one country or another.

Global audits made easier thanks to GBTEC

Due to the Group's extensive international operations, audits have been among the biggest challenges for Nordex to date. Thanks to GBTEC, the multinational now has all the information clearly displayed on one screen. Now, at all times and all over the world, there is a view of all the activities being carried out, facilitating the auditor's work by showing each of the responsibilities, all the elements used within the management system, as well as documents, visualizing a clear beginning and end of the processes. "Our audit is global and follows the "multi-site concept", so it is crucial that we are all aligned, regardless of whether the department is in Spain or Germany. Thanks to BIC, everything is interconnected," says Nabais.

Effective support at each step of the project

In addition to the software, GBTEC provides Nordex with effective support at all stages of the project, from training employees and new recruits, to monitoring process modeling and technical support. Beyond the product itself, Nordex was also convinced by the quality of the service provided by GBTEC, which includes twice-weekly meetings to ensure coordination between the different teams with the software, which is essential for a company of this size. "GBTEC gives us the support we need to manage all the information generated by our employees," says the Nordex QHSE Technician.

Understanding the complete alignment of the GBTEC tool with its global objectives, Nordex does not rule out the possibility of implementing an extension to other BIC Platform modules, especially for the connection of the platform with SAP.

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