Digital transformation in the pharmaceutical
and chemical industry

Master the challenges of modern medicine and chemistry with professional process and risk management. Use digital transformation to increase the efficiency, transparency and process excellence of your business processes and create a stable market position.

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Challenges in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry

The pharmaceutical and chemical industry is currently facing numerous challenges: supply bottlenecks, increased prices for raw materials and consumables, enforced regulations to reduce environmental pollution and FDA guidelines are complicating the daily work of companies. Added to this is the digital transformation, which brings a host of new approaches to research and health and makes pharmaceutical and chemical companies competitive in the long term, but also causes some new challenges. The behavior of customers and patients is changing as well: mass medicine is less and less in demand; instead, all the signs are pointing to personalization and thus also smaller batches of medicines. It is therefore essential for the industry to establish an innovative digitalization strategy and enable accelerated business transformation through digital technologies in order to strengthen its own market position and respond flexibly to current and future changes such as:

  • Disruption of global supply chains
  • Higher production and logistics costs
  • Increasing demands for personalized medicine and pharmaceuticals
  • High pressure to innovate and compete within the industry

Solutions for pharmaceutical and chemical companies

To remain competitive in the future, pharmaceutical and chemical companies must act. With professional business process management (BPM), they create the basis for automating production and supply chain processes, enforce end-2-end cost transparency in the face of rising production and transportation costs, and simplify compliance with regulatory requirements in a management system.

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Transparent modeling, analysis, optimization and control of your business processes
Model and analyze your processes and identify bottlenecks as well as potential savings in your procurement, production and supply chain processes.

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Process automation and workflow management as innovative drivers for your digital transformation
Identify automation potential, turn repetitive tasks into tasks automated by software bots, and save a lot of time in processing operations by reducing manual editings.

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Established governance, risk and compliance (GRC) management for full transparency and legal compliance
Document, track, and report environmental or FDA compliance, simplify audits and other reviews, and gain comprehensive visibility into your GRC operations.

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Data-based analysis and process optimization for higher efficiency, productivity, and process excellence
Uncover insufficient resource allocation in your production lines, simulate possible improvement suggestions and optimize your processes using real-time data.

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With BIC Platform we have successfully implemented an Integrated Management System. Thanks to the comprehensible representation of processes and the convenient document connection, BIC Platform supports us in every step of the work.

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Using data to achieve more individuality instead of mass medicine

Digitalization in the pharmaceutical and chemical sector means that more and more data from patients is available that can be evaluated and put to good use. The analysis results will increasingly contribute to personalized medicine in the future: Tailored drugs and therapies that are used individually depending on biological and lifestyle factors. The more precisely pharmaceutical and chemical companies know their customer and patient groups, the more precisely they can target their research and development and, for example, streamline approval processes or accelerate the market launch of certain medications. Generating, collecting and ultimately processing the volume of data poses a further challenge for the industry. In addition, the number of drugs is increasing, but the number of patients is not - so batches are becoming smaller and production and logistics processes have to be designed efficiently accordingly.
As a digital process management tool, the BIC Platform supports companies in mastering the requirements of modern medicine:

  • Uncover bottlenecks and increase process efficiency
  • Automate review and approval workflows
  • Use real process data for process analysis
  • Identify, control and monitor risks

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