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Full Process Control with Process Intelligence

Process Intelligence means connecting newest data science and data mining features to the established discipline of business process management. By generating data based models of real processes in various core systems, it allows the analysis of previously unseen process flows. BIC Process Mining uses the most powerful algorithms in the world for evidence based process analysis and optimization.

Why Process Intelligence?

Existing processes in your organization are obscure

If you would ask your colleagues today, which tasks they performed since the start of work with which cycle time and which interfaces - would the answer cover more than a third of all relevant tasks? Employees may have their own manual workflows in mind, but without the connection to previous and following tasks of other departments. The multitude of subsequent processes that are partially automatically executed by various software tools would also stay uncovered. The proceedings in digital systems are behind closed doors: You need a special tool to gain access. And what the key is for a door, the process intelligence is for the uncovering of process data.

If you would change an important instruction today - would you be able to offhand estimate the changes for its various processes? You probably would make an educated guess, without being able to consider all weaknesses and bottlenecks in your company. Your employees perform processes with differing knowledge, as members of various departments, maybe even in different locations, across a variety of technical systems. This complicates the prediction and monitoring of process execution, or to spot deviant behavior. You need the means to bring light into the darkness. And what the switch is for a lamp, the process intelligence is for the analysis and optimization of processes.

Process Intelligence uncovers the real procedures in your company

But what exactly is process intelligence? You surely know the term business intelligence, or even use such software. Maybe you also wonder, what added value a solution for process analysis and optimization may have. The answer is perfectly clear: Business intelligence is concentrated on the indicators of performance results. With BI, you can compare the achieved with the expected result and identify value chains with potential for improvement. Process intelligence is instead focused on the performance itself. Since only with process analysis and optimization, you will acknowledge the steps, with which you further raise the potential of your company. The most modern solutions even show how you purposefully exploit this potential.

Starting point is the process detection, gathering the status quo of processes in various core systems (e.g. workflow software) and transparently depicting them with automatic modeling. The next step is the process analysis: In real-time you compare the sequence of a process with its particular model to check conformity and efficiency. This helps you to quickly identify potential deviations and resource exceedance. You not only monitor the compliance, but also the efficiency. The know how of these analyses can be used to improve models based on profound decisions. Possible challenges and bottlenecks from real instances can be incorporated into the enhancement of existing process models. This way, you automate the detection of weaknesses and make process optimization more effective.

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Process Intelligence

Uncover, analyze and optimize processes with BIC Process Mining

Long story short: As process manager, you want to constantly surveil and optimize processes to ensure your company's success. For this, we have integrated BIC Process Mining into the digital BPM suite BIC Platform.

BIC Platform opens up the process analysis and optimization for process management and quality management. Its aim is the data-driven harmonization of the end-to-end process landscape in your organization. With its leading process mining algorithms, the module BIC Process Mining is key to business excellence. Renowned scientists around the globe constantly work on the further development, making sure that you can trust in a cutting-edge technology at all times. With automatic process detection, the monitoring and process analysis in real-time as well as the simplified depiction of potentials for process optimization, you quickly gain control over the processes in your company. Interactive dashboards support you to take strategic decisions based on gathered data sets and to initiate the continuous improvement. The profound recommendations of the tool lower your process costs and cycle times and reduce compliance deviations. Compare the performance of different teams that work on similar processes. Analyze various variants of processes with real performance indicators and identify the best possible method. With all these features you exploit the potential that still lies dormant in your organization.

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